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This forum is a professional communications channel. Like conduct is expected, encouraged and appreciated. Unlike conduct shall be soundly dealt with. Please remember that there are many members from many disciplines, not solely artists, reading the thoughts that you send to the List. Publishers, collectors and entusiasts are also members of this forum. Please compose your messages accordingly.

The headings below outline the conventions of the List community and form a table of contents to the complete guidelines - in full. We ask that you please take the time to read them.

In short, if you craft your posts with as much care as you give your paintings, all will benefit.

Thank you.


No exceptions will be made whatsoever.


To post a message to all List members, send eMail to: spaceart-talk@spaceart.org

Subject lines are auto-prepended by the server with "[SpaceArt]" for easy identification and auto-filtering when they arrive. Replies are auto-prepended with "Re: [SpaceArt]" There is no need to add the "Re:", ever.


When replying to posts on the List, please use "Reply To All" in your eMail reader. This will insert your name into the attribution line above any quoted text and will insert two address into the To: field
—that of the Author and that of the General List. It is not recommended that you reply to both.

If you are sending a private message only to the Author:
  swipe across the List address and delete.

If you are replying only to the Genereal Membership:
  swipe across the Author's address and delete.

It's an extra step but, in addition to addressing security issues for the list, this will help to prevent unintentional private replies going out to the General List.


Your use of the Listserve is predicated upon your agreement to and continued observance of these Terms of Service. If, at any time, the List Administrator feels that the ToS is not being followed, a warning will be given, perhaps to the List at large—perhaps privately, depending upon the circumstance. If warnings go unheeded by individual members, their address will be added to a Moderated Address Pool and their posts will be approved on an individual basis until the situation has shown to have been remedied. If the situation in question goes further ignored, the person will be unsubscribed.

Please remember that participation in a mailing list is a privilege, not a right. At the discretion of the List owner and facilitators, any member may be dropped from the List at any time for any reason. This List does not run as a democracy. There is no free speech. There is no appeal. We trust that there will never be any reason to enforce this.

The Complete Guidelines and Terms of Service may be found here.

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